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Private house

The project was carried out in January 2011.

Kitchen: in the ceiling mounted 4 pcs 35w bulbs replaced on 4 pcs LED bulbs 3,5W; 3 pcs T5 lamps 18W above the countertop replaced on 3m LED strip 4,8W/m; 2 pcs 50w  bulbs in the kitchen hood replaced on 2pcs 4W led bulbs; 1pcs 60W bulb in the light above the table replaced on 1pcs 6w led bulb.

Livingroom: T8 1,5m 56w lamps replaced on 24m 14,4w/m led strip.

Garage: 2pcs lights with 2pcs T8 1,2m 36W lamps replaced on 4pcs 19w LED lights.

Stairs: 9pcs 10w bulbs replaced on 9pcs 1W LED bulbs.

Corridor: 4pcs lights with 2pcs 25W bulbs replaced on 8pcs 2W led lights.

Bathroom: 6pcs 35w bulbs replaced on 6pcs 3,5W led bulbs.

Dinning room: 3pcs 60W bulbs replaced on 3pcs 6W led bulbs.

Woorkroom: 3pcs 60W bulbs replaced on 3pcs 6W led bulbs.