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1. General provisions

1.1. These rules of goods’ purchase – sale (hereinafter in the document – the Rules) constitute a legal document, which is obligatory for the parties. These Rules set rights and obligations of the Purchaser and the Seller, conditions of goods’ purchase and payment for the goods, the order of goods’ delivery and return, responsibility of the parties and other provisions, relevant to the purchase – sale of the goods on online store www.ekoled.com.

1.2. The Seller reserves the right to change, edit or complement the Rules at any time, considering the requirements set by the legal acts. The Purchaser shall be informed about any such changes, correction or additions in advance, before purchasing the goods on online store ekoled.com. During the purchase process the Purchaser will have to confirm and agree with changed Rules once again.

1.3. Following persons have a right to make purchases on online storeekoled.com:

1.3.1. natural persons with legal capacity, i. e., adults (over 18 y. o.), whose capacity isn’t limited under judicial redress;

1.3.2.adults who are 14-18 years old, with a permission of parents or guardians, except cases, when they possess own income;

1.3.3.legal persons.

1.4. The Purchaser,by confirming the Rules, agrees that according to 1.3 Article of the Rules, he/she has a right to buy the goods on online store ekoled.com.

1.5.The Seller is released from any responsibility in the cases, when loss or dispute has occurred as a result of the Purchaser failure to get acquainted with the Rules or as a result of the Purchaser failure to consider the presented recommendations, implement own obligations, although such opportunity was provided.

1.6. Practice of online store ekoled.com is performed in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, trading proceeds in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and beyond its’ limits.

2. Protection of personal data

2.1.The Purchaser, by purchasing the goods on online store ekoled.com,has to fill in the relevant information fields, presented by the Seller, as necessary for implementation of the order: name, surname, address for the delivery of goods, phone number and e-mail address.

2.2. The Purchaser agree that data noted in 2.1 Article of the Rules would be used for the purposes of goods’ purchase – sales, and also for the Seller’s practice analysis and for the direct marketing.

2.3 The Seller obligates not reveal the personal data of the Purchaser for the third parties, except partners of the Seller, who are providing services of goods’ delivery or other services, relevant to the appropriate implementation of the order. In all other cases the personal data of the Purchaser can be revealed to the third parties only under the order set by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. Concluding the Purchase – sale contract

3.1.It is considered that the Purchase – sales contract is concluded between the Purchaser and the Seller from the moment, when the Purchaser, after choosing the good(s) and establishing the basket of goods, pressed the link “CONFIRMATION OF ORDER”.

3.2. All contracts made between the Purchaser and the Seller are recorded and stored at database of the online store ekoled.com.

4. Rights and obligations of the Purchaser

4.1.The Purchaser has a right to purchase the goods and to pay for it on online store ekoled.com by the order set by these Rules.

4.2.The Purchaser, while using the services of the online store ekoled.com, obligates to follow these Rules and don’t breach the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.3. The registered Purchaser has the right to change, complement or delete his/her data at any time.

4.4. The Purchaser, who is unwilling to allow use of his/her e-mail address for the purposes of direct marketing, can reject this agreement at any time by visiting the account of online store “My account – your personal data” and remove the tick mark from the article “Order newsletter” and press the link “Save”.

4.5. The registered Purchaser obligates don’t reveal the logging in data and in this way ensure protection of the data. Also the Purchaser must disconnect from the system of the online store after finishing work on the online store ekoled.com, in order to protect the personal information from the access of the third parties. This condition is in particular applicable when the Purchaser uses a public computer (for example, at internet cafes, libraries and other places). The Sellers doesn’t undertake any responsibility if the Purchaser reveals his/her logging in data for the third parties or fails to disconnect from the system after finishing work on the online store.

5. Rights and obligations of the Seller

5.1. If the Purchaser tries to compromise the work, the stability of activity and the safety of the online store ekoled.com or if the Purchaser breaches his/her obligations, the Seller has a right immediately, without any warning, limit or suspend the opportunities of the Purchaser to use the online store ekoled.com.

5.2. Under important circumstances the Seller has a right temporary suspend or completely terminate the work of the online store ekoled.com without in advance notification to the Purchaser.

5.3.The Seller reserves the right to change an assortment of the goods and to edit the prices of the current goods at any time.

5.4. The Seller has a right to cancel the order without in advance notification to the Purchaser, if the Purchaser, after choosing payment option presented in 6.3.3 Article of the Rules, doesn’t arrive to the store and doesn’t pay to the goods within the period of 5 (five) working days.

5.5. The Seller obligates to deliver goods ordered by the Purchaser to the address presented by the Purchaser, under conditions presented in 9Article of the Rules.

5.6.If the Seller can’t deliver the ordered good to the Purchaser because of the important circumstances, the Seller obligates to offer analogical good or good with as much similar features as the ordered. If the Purchaser rejects to accept such good, the Seller obligates to return to the Purchaser the paid sum of money within the period of 14 (fourteen) working days, if an in advance payment was made.

5.7.The Seller obligates to make possibility to the Purchaser to use services, provided by the online store ekoled.com.

5.8.The Seller obligates to respect the Purchaser’s right to privacy regarding his/her owned personal information. All personal data presented by the Purchaser is managed in the order set by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

6.Prices of the Goods, payment order and conditions

6.1.Prices on the online store ekoled.com and in the basket of goods are shown in EUR including VAT.

6.2. Delivery fee isn’t included in the price of the goods. After the Purchaser puts the good(s) into the basket of goods, he/she can choose the delivery conditions: to pick the goods by himself/herself or select delivery through the shipment service. If the Purchaser chooses the services of courier, the goods will be charged with an additional fee, according to the set delivery tariff.

6.3. The Purchaser shall pay for the goods in one of the following ways:

6.3.1. by transfer through PAYSERA payment system;

6.3.2. with debit or credit card;

6.3.3.in cash when picking up the goods (if the Purchaser arrives to the Seller’s store, located by address: S. Žukausko st. 41, Vilnius).

6.4.The Seller obligates to sell the goods for the prices, which were valid and confirmed at the time when the order was presented, disregarding the fact, that the prices could be corrected later, after confirmation of the order.

6.5.The Purchaser agreed that the documents of goods’ purchase – confirmation of the order, invoice, and information about dispatch of the goods – shall be presented electronically, by provided e-mail address. Invoice of goods’ purchase (which together is a guarantee card of the goods) is also added to the ordered goods and delivery by address noted by the Purchaser.

7. Delivery of the Goods

7.1. The Purchaser, by ordering the goods on online store ekoled.com, can choose the delivery conditions: to pick up the goods by himself/herself at the store, by address: S.Žukausko st. 41,Vilnius, to select the delivery by shipment service or the delivery to Omniva parcel machine.

7.2. The Purchaser, who chose the delivery by shipment service, must note the precise delivery address and contact phone number.

7.3. The ordered goods are delivered by shipment service, chosen by the Seller.

7.4. Delivery fee is calculated according to the delivery place and weight of the goods. Minimum shipping charge in Lithuania 6 EUR (gross weight up to 2 kg).

7.5. The Purchaser ordering time chosen the delivery to Omniva parcel machine must specify to which parcel machine the parcel should be delivered.

Parcel machine locations could find here: https://www.omniva.lt/verslo/pastomatu_adresai.

7.6. Delivery fee to Omniva parcel machine is 2,80 EUR with VAT.

7.7. Omniva parcels the maximum dimensions of the parcel-64x38x41 cm.

7.8. Free delivery on orders over 150 EUR.

7.9. The Seller is released from the responsibility, if the shipment isn’t delivered to the Purchaser or if it isn’t delivered on time, because of fault of the Purchaser himself/herself or because of circumstances, which can’t be controlled by the Seller.

7.10. After the Purchaser receives the ordered goods, he/she must check the state of the shipment together with representative of the shipment service. After the Purchaser signs the document of shipment transfer – receipt, it is considered, that the shipment is transferred in appropriate state. If the Purchaser notices that the packing of the goods is damaged (crumpled, wet or externally damaged in any other way), he/she must mark it in the transfer – receipt document and write down the free form certificate of damaged good. If the Purchaser fails to perform the before described actions, the Seller is released from any responsibility to the Seller regarding damages of the goods, if such damages were conditioned by damages of the packing, which weren’t marked in the before set order.

8. Return and replacement of the goods

8.1.Disadvantages of the sold goods are eliminated, the poor quality goods are replaced and returned according to the Order of Minister of Economy No. 217 „On confirmation of the rules of return and replacement of items” and according to the Order No. 258 “Rules of sales of items and provision of services, when contracts are concluded by use of communication means”, Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts lay down a number of contractual rights for consumers, the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, 6.366 article “Sales of the items according to contract, concluded by use of communication means”.

8.2.If the Purchaser wants to return the good or to replace it, he/she must make sure, that the good is returned according to orders named in 8.1. Article. If there is an opportunity to return the unsuitable goods, the Purchaser must sent the goods together with filled in return form and purchase document (invoice or receipt) to the Seller by address, noted in the contacts of the online store ekoled.com.

8.3. The Seller “Ekoled™” provides to the goods a guarantee of 2 (two) years from the sale date of the good, as noted in the purchase document. The guarantee is applied to the disadvantages of good quality, which occurred because of fault of the manufacturer. Natural wear and tear of the good and changes in the features of the good isn’t considered a disadvantage of good quality.

8.4.The guarantee isn’t applied in following cases:

8.4.1. When the good is used not accordingly to the conditions of the use, as noted in the use and installation manual of the good.

8.4.2. When the good is mechanically damaged and this kind of damage wasn’t recorded in writing during sale of the good.

8.4.3.When malfunction of the good has occurred because of used inappropriate voltage sources, disturbances of electricity supply or electric networks, malfunctions of building electric installation and similar reasons.

8.4.5. When the good was used not according to the intended use.

8.4.6. For the malfunctions of the good caused by foreign items, materials, liquids, which had entered the inside of the good, also corrosion, oxidation of the good and similar.

8.4.7. When the cause of good malfunction is a natural disaster (lightning, flood, fire and etc.) or other events, for which the Seller can’t be considered responsible neither completely, nor partly.

8.4.8. When the good was dissembled, when the labels located on the good or on the components of the good were damaged.

8.4.9. For discounted (sale) good (according to 15 article of the Rules of retail trading).

8.4.10. When the Purchaser fails to present the document, which confirms the purchase: invoice or receipt.

8.5. The Purchaser must deliver the Goods for guarantee repair works to the guarantee center of the Seller by address: S. Žukausko st. 41, Vilnius.

8.6. The Purchaser can use the return and the replacement right within the period of 14 days from the date of goods’ delivery.

8.7.The Seller has a right to reject the receipt of the good returned by the Purchaser or reject to replace the good, if the Purchaser doesn’t follow the set order of goods’ return.

8.8. Money for the returned goods is transferred to the payer and only to payer’s bank account, from which the transfer for purchase of the good was performed.

8.9. Costs of goods’ shipment, which were incurred when returning the good, aren’t returned and must be covered by the Purchaser.

8.10. Money is returned within period of 7 working date from the date of goods’ receipt.

9. Responsibility

9.1. The Purchaser is completely responsible for the correctness of the data, provided in the purchase form. If the Purchaser fails to present the precise data in the purchase form, the Seller is released from any consequences of such failure.

9.2. The Purchaser is responsible for the actions, performed during use of the services of the online store ekoled.com.

9.3.The Seller is released from any responsibilities in the cases, when loss occur because the Purchaser failed to get acquainted with the Rules, without following the recommendations of the Seller and own undertaken obligations, although he/she was given such opportunity.

9.4.If there are links on the online store ekoled.comto the websites of other companies or organizations, the Seller isn’t responsible for the information presented there or for the performed practice, as the Seller doesn’t maintain such websites, doesn’t control it and isn’t the representative of such companies and organizations.

9.5. In case of damage the faulty party must cover to the other party the incurred direct loss.

10.Marketing means applied by the Seller

10.1. The Seller has a right to publish different promotions on the owned online store ekoled.com.

10.2. The Seller has a right to change the conditions of promotions and to cancel the promotions unilaterally, without separate notification.

11. Exchange of information

11.1. The Seller shall send the Purchaser the notifications by e-mail address, as noted by the Purchaser during the registration.

11.2. The Purchaser shall send the Seller the notifications and the questions by the communication means, as presented on ekoled.com part “Contacts”.

12. The final provisions

12.1. These Rules are established according to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. Law of the Republic of Lithuania is applied to the relations established on the bases of the latter legal acts.

12.2. All disputes and disagreements of the Parties are at first solved under negotiation. If the Parties fail to come to an agreement, the disputes are solved in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania, following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.